Becoming A Member

Follow these steps and you are on your way to becoming an active member of SHPE!


What you can do right Now!!   

      Step 1: Fill out Club Membership Registration.

      Step 2: Pay chapter fee of $20 to our Treasurer.

      Step 3: Register on SHPEConnect.

      Step 4: Pay National Fee of $10 through SHPEConnect.

      Step 5: Create a Chapter Account.

      Step 6: Register through OrgSync.


What must be done later in the semester.

      Step 7: Join and ACTIVELY participate in at least one committee.

      Step 8: Earn at least four Skillsets. (Three of which must be of variant types).

  • Complete any subtask to earn the labeled Skillset.
    • Academics Skillset
      • Attend an Academic Event
      • Attend four Study Sessions
      • Participate in Academics Committee
    • Chapter Development Skillset
      • Attend a SHPE Fundraiser
      • Attend a Social Event
      • Participate in Events Committee
      • Participate in Fundraising Committee
    • Community Service Skillset
      • Volunteer at event recognized by SHPE
    • Leadership Skillset
      • Attend a Leadership Event
      • Attend a Conference
      • Earn Star Membership Award
    • Outreach Skillset
      • Attend an Outreach Event
      • Participate in Outreach Committee
    • Professional Development Skillset
      • Attend a Professional Development Event
      • Attend a Career Fair
      • Participate in Professional Development Committee