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You can see the weekly view of when each committee is being hosted or scroll down to see a detailed description of what will be covered, when and where it will be held, and who is hosting it. 



      My vision for the academic committee is for our members to help each other reach a certain level of academic excellence. I also want to recognize those that are already performing at a high level and acknowledge all the hard work our members are achieving. I also want more members applying for scholarships and taking advantage of their resources. The main goal I have in mind is for our members to develop those essential skills needed once they reach higher level courses. If you need help with anything, come to one of my committee meeting or just ask me and I’ll try my best to help! – Oscar J. Cruz

events committee

      In this committee we will be planning and executing some of SHPE’s traditional events such as the Winter Potluck and the end of the year Gala. Members also have the opportunity to create new, fun events that will also unify and sustain our chapter. The Events Committee encourages critical thinking, ingenuity, professionalism, and teamwork. With that being said, this committee helps its members develop essential college skills such as good communication and time management. The skills and experiences that all members will encounter will help them develop into outgoing leaders, which is what this committee strives to do.


      SHPE's fundraising committee vision this school year is to receive as many funds so that SHPE students have access to discussions about engineering so that they can grow personally and professionally.


      Mission: Prepare students to become future SHPE officers by guiding them through the necessary steps in planning and executing events. Eventually students will take charge and use their leadership skills to run their own event at the end of the year.

       Vision: To empower the youth of SHPE to open up and hone in on their leadership skills so they can eventually become STEM leaders in their respective fields.


      Expose high school students to STEM career opportunities and enhance the education of Hispanic students by influencing them to become tomorrow’s science and technology leaders.


      The Outreach Committee is responsible in leading the chapter’s members through events to inspire a higher education in youth. Noche de Ciencias is one of the biggest outreach events that SHPE holds for students in the community. SHPE will also host tutoring and small science nights at a local community center to help students pursue a higher education through awareness, access, and support in STEM.

professional development committee

      To implement well-developed and responsive professional events and services to an engaged and knowledgeable SHPE community.

Webmaster committee

      The webmaster committee will be hosted by me, David Rabago, once a week for one hour. The beginning of the fall semester will be spent on developing a programmer's mindset to solving problems and approaching algorithmic entities. It will then transition towards more practical uses of coding knowledge such as adding on to the current website. The remainder of the fall semester and the entirety of the spring semester will be spent creating a new website from scratch for future SHPE use. Committee members will develop confidence in themselves and their ability to write algorithms through the various activities assigned to them. Everyone will have the ability to grow at their on level and contribute as much as they are capable. In the end, my committee will have something to show for their work and something exciting to put on their resume.



Historian Committee

      The Historian Committee helps unify the chapter by promoting SHPE events such as fundraising, academic, and outreach opportunities through social media. Each member of this committee will help capture the greatest moments we will share through photography which helps us create SHPE's scrapbook for the end of the year. We will all develop essential skills such as good communication and organization together.