Meet The Officers


Hi my name is Chris Medina and I am SacSHPE's president for the 2016-2017 academic year. I am currently a 5th Year studying Mechanical Engineering at Sacramento State.  I value SHPE because of the many ways I have grown through SHPE. I develop professionally, giving back to my community, develop myself as a leader and develop my network. What I like most about SHPE is the ability to give back to my community and the familia atmosphere that is not only felt in our chapter but also in every other chapter around the nation. One thing I would like for all members to be able to get out of SHPE is for them to be able to get out of their bubble and grow as much as possible. I am here to work for you guys, the members. If you wish to see anything happen at all for our organization or want to make anything happen just let me know because we are here to make this a memorable year.

Internal Vice President

Heyo! Augustine Orozco here giving you a little insight into who I am and what I like. I am currently a third year Computer Science Major looking forward to making lots of money and doing cool hacking stuff. In all honesty I have an expressed interest in cyber security and making sure our information is safe and sound in the ever changing globalized cyber world!

I originally wanted to be a business major in high school but changed my mind to this last minute due to building my own computer and wanting to challenge myself. Computer Science is no easy task but the opportunities it provides are nigh limitless. I hope to be a top-paid CEO or board member for a prestigious company one day or to own my own where I get tobe my own boss.

I like long walks, not on the beach, video games, rock climbing, and interacting with other people. Let me know if you game I would love to play with you sometime, if I have time, such is the life CS major. I hope to bring a fun and collective mindset to SHPE and bring us in together as a collective and a family so we can strive towards all of our goals whilst helping each other along the way.

External Vice President

Hello all. My name is Brayan Alexis De Dios and I am now going into my third year of my undergraduate study as a Mechanical Engineer. I have been involved with SHPE 2 years now and it has definitely been a rewarding experience. I am excited to have taken on the position as External VP for the 2016-2017 schoolyear. SHPE has really inspired me to increase the representation and voice of the student chapter from which I have grown tremendously. It has helped me develop myself as a student and person, both academically and professionally. I believe SHPE goes a long way when it comes to providing its members with numerous opportunities from resume workshops, tutorials, and scholarships, to networking and social gatherings to ensure members are performing their best while enjoying their experiences in college. My goal this year as External VP is to get the student chapter more involved and aware with other clubs, organizations, and events that are held on campus. My goal also involves being able to help the members including myself to get that exposure to public speaking skills through workshops or whatever it may be as I believe this is an area of focus we should prioritize and we can all work towards. With the help from the board along with the support from you all, the members, we can achieve this and much more! Be sure to stop me and say “Hi” whenever you see me running around campus. I am easygoing and friendly. My hobbies involve being able to cook and exercise, but most importantly being able to work on my civic on my own time.


Hey everyone, my name is Yesenia Chavez your secretary for the next year. I am a third year Computer Engineering major, I drink way too much coffee and, I talk about my cat too much. Now just in case you’re wondering the reason I am still a part of SHPE is because since my first semester as a freshman I felt like I was part of something bigger, especially while being a lost naïve freshman. They made me feel welcomed and part of their ‘familia’. So, if you’re new to SHPE I totally welcome you to say hi to me and bother (not really bother) me with anything.

XOXO, Yesenia


Hi! My name is Jaime Ulloa and I am currently your new SHPE Treasurer for the 2016-2017 Scholastic Year. I am currently a Sophomore and is my second year at Sac State working towards my degree as a Mechanical Engineer and a minor within Computer Engineering. I am a very outgoing person and love to help anyone in need to keep myself busy! Since being part of SHPE my first year, I loved everything about SHPE the way we are organized and work hard. I wanted to set up and take a position within SHPE because I want to become more of a professional within the STEM field and impact the incoming individuals as much as I loved SHPE.

Director of Outreach

Hi, my name is Maria Garcia Baeza. I am a second-year Mechanical Engineer at Sac State. I have been involved with SHPE for one year, but I was part of the Jr. SHPE Chapter for two year at my high school. Coming into my first year of college SHPE took me in as part of their familia, they helped me meet new great people that I am proud to call my friends and family. 

My goal this year is to help people strive for a higher education, and to spread awareness on STEM field to future generation through SHPE events.

A  little about myself is that love to rebuild and reprogram my boe bots in my spare time. I also enjoy taking long hiking and snowshoeing trip anytime I can. Whenever you see me walking around campus, please feel free to stop me and say "Hi". (I don't usually bite).

 Welcome to the SHPE Familia!

Director of Professional Development

My name is Cristian Sanchez and I will be the professional development director this academic year. I am a third year in Mechanical engineering here at Sac state. I am a first generation college student and the fourth child of six. Was born and raised here in Sacramento. I have been actively involved in SHPE for three semesters which has led me to the position. I am excited to see what awaits for us all this upcoming school year and hope the best..

Director of Academics

Sup Peeps! Oscar Cruz is the name. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I transferred from American River College. This is my second year at CSUS. I started off college undeclared. As I advanced further into my math and science classes, I decided to major in engineering. At first it was really daunting. I was never the best student. Slowly I started to realize I definitely had the capacity to be majoring in such a major and excelling at it. Haven’t looked back since. Aside from school, I’m a simple person. I like to chill with my friends. I have two dogs. Nature is cool. If anyone cycles, let me know. We can hit up downtown for some leisurely rides or Folsom for a challenge!

Please come up to us and say hi! We’re more than willing to help you guys.

Be humble. Stay chill. Dominate.

Director of MEMBERSHIP

Hello everyone, my name is Ariel Medina and I am going to be your Director of Membership for this school year. Currently, I am a second year in Electrical Engineering. Fun fact, my brother is the President of SHPE this year! Although this is my second year in college, I have known about SHPE for my whole life. My dad and uncle were both in SHPE at Sac State when it began. My two older brothers were also in SHPE, so I felt like it was my duty to join. Since I joined SHPE, I have met many people from Sac State’s SHPE and other SHPE’s from around the region. Because of the comfortability of everyone in SHPE, I met my new familia. Although they can be crazy and fun at times, they know when to be responsible and mature. SHPE has had a great impact on my life because of the people I’ve met and because of the conferences that I’ve gone to. Because of my experience and the experiences of my friends, I want everyone who is in SHPE to feel the same way about SHPE as I feel about SHPE. Since I am the Director of Membership, it is my responsibility to voice the concerns of the members. One of my personal goals this year is to memorize all the members’ names because I want all the members to feel comfortable telling me anything. I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

Director of Events

Hello SHPE familia! I am the one and only, second year, Civil Engineering major, SHPE’s 2016­ 2017 Director of Events, awesome, Evelyn Guadalupe Delgado. Ever since the first day I joined SHPE I have always felt welcomed and at home which is something that I hope to share with everyone. SHPE has helped me in so many ways and I really look forward to giving back to the familia by inspiring others to grow into leaders. I can’t wait to make new and fun memories with everyone with the help of my Events Committee. This year is sure to be packed with lots of fun, educational, and professional events that will benefit each and every one of our members. So make sure to attend all the events since they will be jampacked with great information and new opportunities! With so much that will be going on this year, I am sure that you will have some questions or concerns. Remember we are all here to help each other. Feel free to contact anyone from the board or myself at

Jr Chapter representative

My name is Monica Cedeno and I am a junior at Sacramento State University majoring in civil engineering with a minor in mathematics. I am the Jr. Chapter Representative for the Sac State SHPE chapter. I am the youngest of ten, which includes six older brothers and three older sisters. Pursuing a higher education will open more opportunities for my family and I since I am the first generation to go to college. Serving as a role model for twenty-nine nephews and nieces and having a family who believes in my potential motivates me to accomplish my educational goals. During my leisure time I enjoy the outdoors, which includes hiking, camping, and running. Also, dance is my passion in which I express myself, so catch me at Salsa Loca. Being part of SHPE has given me the opportunity to give back to the community in which has helped me grow as a leader and a student. As the Jr. Chapter Representative, my goal is to expose high school students to STEM career opportunities and enhance the education of Hispanic students by influencing them to become tomorrow’s STEM leaders.


"Remember where you come from, and where you are going"

"If you are not willing to take risks, your in reward will be limited"


Hello everyone! My name is Hector Romo and I am entering my second year here at Sac State as a computer science major. I am excited to be your new SHPE Historian for the 2016-2017 school year. I joined SHPE my freshman year and immediately felt the sense of familia and loved it. The feeling that there will always be someone there to support you during a difficult time is hard to come across by but not in SHPE, here we accept everyone with open arms and help one another strive for success and become a professional. I am glad that I will be able to capture all the amazing moments we will share this upcoming year.

Director of fundraising

My name is Jocelyn Mejia or Joce for short. I live in Elverta, CA but I grew up in Sacramento, CA. I am the director of Fundraising for the Society of Hispanic Engineers in California State University, Sacramento. Freshman year and summer 2016 taught me to take on more than I think I can handle from time to time because it helped me grow personally and professionally through programs like SHPE, PRISM, and LSAMP. During the transition of high school to college I learned that good friends are important and SHPE helped me with that. So this school year, I decided to take the position as the Director of Fundraising to give back to the program. Moreover, I plan to obtain funds necessary to support the President's vision and strategic plan to help students from all backgrounds but especially the underrepresented. Likewise, if anyone has ideas about fundraising it would be great to hear about them!


Hello fellow Hornets! My name is David Rabago and I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering. As you will soon come to learn, I am the type of person who doesn't believe in "free time" I am always working on something or another in efforts to improve my overall life experience. In addition to staying productive, I like to stay active. (Still trying to loose that freshman 15). I have a passion for figuring things out, hence my engineering major, and so I am always interested in learning something new. I spend a majority of my time just thinking, thinking about anything and everything.